Powerspot presents its PowerJiko Water: the disruptive solution to generate electricity in emerging countries
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The thermoelectric generator based on the Jiko receives more than 250 requests for distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa

PowerJiko Water, the thermoelectric generator manufactured by the Spanish company Powerspot that was developed based on the cooking stove called Jiko, has reached 223,000 requests in 29 Sub-Saharan African countries even before its official presentation in Power&Energy Africa 2016. Since 2015 the company has been collaborating by donating generators to various NGOs in this area and in Asia – Kenya, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, etc. – and has so far received 256 requests for the distribution of its products in Africa.

The "Jiko", which means stove in Swahili, is used in most countries of Sub-Saharan Africa for cooking. The PowerJiko Water makes use of this process by generating power through the heat produced in the combustion of biomass when cooking. This makes it an economical, durable and safe way to generate electricity without additional costs for the user.

Like other products in its range it is able to light up to 10 LED bulbs, charge phones, tablets and all kinds of rechargeable batteries and USB devices such as radios, torches, fans, etc. This is because it offers a maximum power of up to 10W with a maximum voltage of 12V, in this way surpassing some of its related products.

The PowerJiko Water generator is particularly aimed at environments where energy poverty is more pronounced having been developed from several market studies in Nairobi (Kenya). In this way the PowerJiko Water becomes an unprecedented tool to illuminate and provide power to isolated villages where access to electricity is a difficult need to cover; in other words, where it is most needed.

Pioneer in the manufacture of user-end portable thermoelectrical generation devices. Powerspot is the first 100% Spanish enterprise specialising in the development of miniaturised power generation solutions, designed for uses where the electrical network is inexistent or inaccessible, anytime, anywhere, using any fuel and that are maintenance and repair free.