Pioneer corporate governance board leadership training program opens in Sierra Leone
17-05-2017 11:54:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 7708 | Tags:

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sierra Leone has partnered with the International Finance Corporation to deepen the pool of board members within the business community capable of serving on company board of directors.

Competent board members with diverse expertise will boost business performance, and help grow Sierra Leone’s economy. 

As part of the partnership IFC and ICASL today opened the first Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training of Trainers Program in Sierra Leone. The three-day event, facilitated by IFC experts and trainers, brings together seasoned trainers with the purpose of equipping them with skills and resources to provide specialized Corporate Governance training to Company Board members and decision makers. 

Buffy Bailor, President, ICASL, said, “As an independent standard setting and monitoring body for the accounting profession in Sierra Leone, ICASL seeks to mitigate risk for businesses by helping them strengthen their regulatory framework and support good corporate governance practices. Today’s train the trainers event supported by IFC, will help us build a wider pool of competent trainers who will develop the capacity of Board members in adapting good corporate governance practices.” 

Frank Ajilore, IFC Country Representative for Sierra Leone, said, “Developing good corporate governance practices among businesses is a priority for IFC because these practices assist companies mitigate risk, safeguard against mismanagement and attract investments. Collaborating with ICASL, IFC intends to assist board members and decision makers build capacity to better run their businesses on good corporate governance principles.” 

IFC’s Conflict Affected States in Africa Initiative is supporting the implementation of the IFC Africa Corporate Governance program in Sierra Leone. CASA helps fragile and conflict affected states attract investment, improve their business environments, and grow their economies. CASA is active in nine countries in sub Saharan Africa and is supported by donor partners Ireland, the Netherlands, and Norway. 

IFC’s Africa Corporate Governance Program improves the performance of businesses by helping them adopt good corporate governance practices and standards that are customized to fit regional priorities.