Petrogress Inc expands to Ghana through partnership with Platon Gas Oil
20-03-2018 14:13:03 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 58671 | Tags:

Petrogress, Inc. has announced that its Petrogress Co. Limited subsidiary has entered into a Partnership Agreement with Platon Gas Oil Ghana Limited, a limited liability company incorporated in Ghana, pursuant to which PGL will supply crude oil for storage, refinement, marketing and distribution in Ghana by PGO.      

Under the Partnership Agreement, PGL is expected to deliver 3,000-5,000 metric tons of crude oil on a monthly basis for storage and processing by PGO into various petroleum products, including crude oil, blend stocks, cutter stock and other feedstock.

PGO will also be expected to market and distribute the refined petroleum products. Net profits from the sale of the petroleum products will be split evenly between PGL and PGO.          

“We are excited about our partnership with PGO and believe it is an excellent opportunity for Petrogress to expand its supply operations into Ghana. Our companies’ combined facilities, assets and services are not only expected to provide for enhanced revenue streams, but also strengthen our footprint in West Africa,” stated Petrogress Chief Executive Officer Christos P. Traios.