Orange Egypt announces launch of digital learning initiative
19-12-2017 13:06:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3240 | Tags:

In continuity to its world policy to support digital learning and its prevalence in the society to protect everyone’s right to equal opportunities, Orange Egypt has announced the launch of “Digital Learning” initiative.

The initiative was announced during a press conference held at Fairmont Nile City Hotel in the presence of Orange Egypt CEO and the company’s officials, Sawiris Foundation for Social Development’s officials in addition to a number of journalists and media personnel.

This initiative has enabled Orange Egypt to implement “Digital schools” and “E-centers for Women Empowerment” projects in Upper Egypt as well as providing the necessary equipment such as digital screens, tablets, computers and servers.

The new partnership with Sawiris Foundation for Social Development aims at developing and supporting the societal schools established by Sawiris Foundation in remote villages. The “Digital Schools” project will be executed in 29 schools in Assiut, Qena and Sohag in addition to Gabal El Mokattam School in Manshyet Nasser to serve annually more than 900 students in the primary stage.

The initiative will offer the academic curriculum in an easy and simplified way, using audio visual methods and electronic games. Orange will also cooperate with Assiut Childhood and Development Association to implement the project in different regions and to provide the necessary content and trainings for the teachers using the latest educational techniques. The Association will manage the project in various schools to ensure the implementation and success of the project.

Moreover, in cooperation with Assiut Childhood and Development Association, Orange Egypt has opened 10 centers to technologically empower women; 9 centers in Assiut, Sohag and Qena and one center in Manshyet Nasser, Cairo. These centers offer the needed training on how to use PCs, tablets, making feasibility and marketing studies in order to help the beneficiaries to start up their small projects.

On this occasion, Jean Marc Harion, Orange Egypt CEO, said: “Since its launch in the Egyptian market, Orange Egypt is adopting many initiatives and supporting socially-oriented projects, especially to reinforce the spread and exchange of knowledge that comes in line with Orange’s CSR policy.”

“Orange seeks to cooperate with leading associations and partner with national foundations which have credibility in the Egyptian society such as Sawiris Foundation for Social Development which has long experience in this field and constantly provides job opportunities through training and promoting the education level,” added Harion.

Eng. Noura Selim, CEO of Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, stated: “this new partnership comes within the Foundation’s new framework that aims at achieving a comprehensive and sustainable development in the villages. We have established 30 societal schools in Qena, Assiut and Sohag. We also seek to create a new educational environment that is based on modern technologies to deliver knowledge to students and to develop the educational abilities of the teachers. We look forward to the success of this pioneering experience and to truly influence the lives of the beneficiaries.”

For his part, Dr. Galal Zaki Said, Chairman of Assiut Childhood and Development Association “ The Association works with the private sector and companies operating in Egypt, which made us look at development differently, how to maximize the benefit of the community from the implementation of each activity, one of the most important representatives of the private sector with whom the association has dealt with recently is Orange Egypt, which contributes to the spreading of the concept of using information technology in education through the implementation of the digital school project”.