Orange and Intelsat S.A renew deal to increase penetration of 3G in Cameroon
08-12-2016 05:43:17 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3891 | Tags:

Orange Group has renewed an agreement for satellite solutions with Intelsat S.A. in Cameroon.

The deal will deliver support that will bring 3G services to existing customers of Orange Cameroon as well as expand the network’s reach to remote regions of the country.

Orange currently provides 2G services using satellite infrastructure provided by Intelsat. Under the new agreement, the Orange network will expand its geographic footprint and add a 3G offering by leveraging C-band solutions from the Intelsat 22 satellite at 72.1° East.

The Intelsat solution optimizes the network to deliver the additional coverage and throughput that Orange needs to expand its reach in remote areas of Cameroon, deliver 3G services and provide more differentiated offerings to its subscribers. Orange will expand its service territory to currently underserved remote regions of the country and deliver data services for businesses in the region, stimulating economic growth in the country.

Bénédicte David, West and Central Africa Regional Director for Orange, said: “As demand for connectivity grows beyond city centres, communities need faster, more reliable broadband connectivity to support business growth as well as critical healthcare and educational services.

With our enhanced infrastructure, we will be able to offer upgraded, differentiated services to our customers, expand our subscriber base and extend our geographic reach to the benefit of those located in less densely populated areas of the country.”

Brian Jakins, Intelsat’s Vice President, Africa, said: “We assessed [Orange’s] network and developed an extension strategy that addressed their performance and business model requirements, providing the additional coverage and throughput they needed to meet their customers’ demands. Using our expertise, Intelsat’s goal is to ensure that our customers are always getting the maximum performance from their network and delivering an exceptional experience to their end users.”