Oddslife sets base in Kenya with eye on the African market
06-09-2017 13:46:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 1174 | Tags:

Social betting technology developer Oddslife has entered the African market by taking its B2B social betting platform into Kenya with one of the continent's largest sports betting affiliates.

Launched in partnership with WinDrawWin.com and PredictZ.com and sponsored by local operator Betin.co.ke will be launched in Kenya before moving into countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzaniaand Uganda to create a unified African competition in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The new venture, will focus on establishing a traffic network to connect with affiliates, media and traffic websites in Africa who are looking for new ways to both retain and monetise their traffic.

Mathew Symmonds, Founder of Web Analysis Solutions Limited, which operates both WinDrawWin.com and PredictZ.com, commented: "We have organically grown a lot of loyal African traffic over the past 14 years on our websites, but it has grown exponentially over the last 3-4 years in countries like Kenya and Nigeria."

"Combined with our Kenyan traffic, we are confident that SportKenya will gain strong momentum and become a recognised and trusted brand. We receive around 800,000 unique visitors from Kenya each week across WinDrawWin.com and PredictZ.com - that's a lot of traffic to push to this new platform in a country that has a population of 48 million people."

"We will be using the SportKenya concept as a 'gentle in-road' into betting in countries where conversion and retention can be challenging. As a free-to-play site, there's no problem with players dropping off after registration because they cannot or will not  deposit - SportKenya is free-to-play so we do not have to rely on registration to depositor conversion rates.

"We will also enhance player retention through our platform which is designed around rewarding free-to-play players for their virtual betting activity and loyalty.  Building a loyal customer base, and understanding those customers' needs is invaluable in any market an affiliate or operator works in, and that's what we will achieve with SportKenya."

"To our knowledge, no-one is doing anything like this, or at least on this scale with the ready-made volume of traffic we can push at it, in Kenya or anywhere in Africa. Our platform and affiliate network will further enable affiliates and media companies across Africa to offer their players features such as ad hoc competitions with virtual currency stakes, World Cup based competitions, as well as conversion optimisation to monetise their traffic and remarketing to inactive players."

Rasmus Sojmark, Oddslife Founder and CEO, added: "We are extremely excited to enter the African space in partnership with WinDrawWin.com, PredictZ.com and main sponsor Betin.co.ke, a leading bookmaker in Kenya. Ventures such as SportKenya are the future of affiliation, as operators place as much emphasis, if not more, on retention and re-marketing to players over pure acquisition. Our platform will cater to that specific need!"