Nordgold equips West Africa Training Centre with Full-Mission Simulator system
09-11-2020 07:15:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 3273 | Tags:

Internationally diversified gold producer Nordgold, has equipped its new West Africa Training Centre located near the Lefa mine in Guinea, with a CYBERMINE Full-Mission Simulator. The simulator is a training tool for mining fleet operators designed to improve their skills in safe and efficient manipulation of modern mining equipment.

The West Africa Training Centre, launched earlier this year, will further the development of technical skills of Nordgold’s 1,300-strong workforce based in the region. The Full-Mission Simulator has been developed by ThoroughTec Simulation, a company with over 25 years’ experience in technology-based training solutions. The Simulator will include a learning platform and Surface Excavator Simulator Cab (based on a Cat 6020B).

The CYBERMINE Full-Mission Simulator is a high-fidelity system that creates the realistic sensation of driving the real vehicle in an actual mine, with all the correct visual, auditory and tactile feedback. Instructors will be able to configure training scenarios to specific work situations faced on the individual mine site. The simulator cab uses actual OEM controls and the simulated vehicle dynamics are based on detailed mathematical models that use vehicle manufacturer specifications to provide the most realistic training experience possible.

The centre’s facilities will also include a maintenance workshop covering 24 different types of equipment (engines, brake systems, etc.) and a welding section. These facilities will enable the whole workforce to further improve their skill sets which are unique to their individual roles. Training will also be provided to the local communities.

Nordgold expects the total investment, including the construction of the centre and the purchase of the equipment, to cost approximately $800,000. The investment in this high tech simulator follows a major investment programme across its West African operations in both Burkina Faso and Guinea in 2019, installing high end equipment and implementing extensive training systems to ensure its operations were as efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable as possible.

Yulia Sklar, Human Resources Director of Nordgold said: “West Africa, which now accounts for half our total group production, is a key region for Nordgold. We remain committed to further developing our operations in the region. So investing in our people and their skills development is vital to our future success. These simulation tools are an important part of our wider training programme into which we have invested significantly over the past two years. They will enhance the skills of our people, and in turn will enable us to run safer, more efficient operations. The West Africa Training Centre in Guinea is an important element of our strategic Employee Development Programme. Our people are our key asset and it is important we continue to invest in them.”