[Nigeria] Bridgebooks offers Accounting, HR and IT solutions to SMEs
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In recent times, there is a growing recognition of the important role that small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) play in the economic growth and development of Nigeria.

As a result, there has been an influx of entrepreneurs with very brilliant ideas alongside numerous SMEs springing up. However, the success of these entrepreneurs and the SMEs they create depends largely on their ability to manage their finances, a service that Bridgebooks is offering on its online platform.

Bridgebooks is a simple accounting and payroll solution that helps individuals and businesses manage their cash flow. With this service, it’s easier to stay on top of a business’ finance and monitor its performance.

Bridgebooks makes the balancing of accounts and getting valuable financial advice simple, fast, and convenient. It offers a smart method of keeping billing on track and on time while providing feedback in the process.

The financial management company provides comprehensive forecasting and evaluation of financial risks together with the identification of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact on businesses. They also take into the account size, risk profile and the geographical context of the business.

Bridgebooks provides invoices that are professional, beautiful, and easy to use. They automatically create a link for your customer to access the invoice. In addition, you can choose to attach it as a PDF, or print and send.

With its invoicing system, card payments can be accepted from any of the major credit/debit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Verve, and remitted to any designated bank account at a charge of N45 per invoice payment. It provides an easy way to keep track of the status of invoices from creation to payment with easy to understand status labels.

The service makes provision for team collaboration and there is customized access which gives control over who has access to different departments of the profile such as accounting, reporting, or invoicing.

It also has a payroll service with the ability to manage employee information and generate payroll with ease. The platform’s consulting services are tailor-made to ensure best services that suit a particular business.

The company helps to ensure that financial books are up to date and taxes are properly remitted. Giving valuable advice on some taxpayer’s benefits including tax refunds, mortgages and loans.

By providing access to cash flow frameworks (Payments), employee payment (Payroll), Account Receivables (Invoicing), Tax models and Personal Assistant tools, Bridgebooks is changing the way millions of small businesses make, spend and track money.

They are providing better business insights to maximize sales and increase profit margins and believe their service can help SMEs become successful Capitalists. They are passionate about business growth and therefore support with developing expansion and growth strategies that best suits the business investment profile.

Recently the founder of Bridgebooks, Sylvia Udemeh, was one of the awardees in the 25 under 25 Entrepreneurs Awards by the SME 100 Africa.

How it works.

To sign up, visit the Bridgebooks website and submit your basic information, after which you can access all the functions of the platform during a 30 day free trial period. To continue using the service after the trial period, simply select from a variety of subscription plans.