New revolutionary Shell fuels launch in Morocco
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Vivo Energy Morocco, the company in charge of the marketing and distribution of Shell brand fuels and lubricants in Morocco and Butagaz brand Liquefied Petroleum Gas, have announced the launch of the new generation of Shell fuels.

Designed for improved engine performance and efficiency, the new Shell fuels feature DYNAFLEX technology developed to clean and protect key engine components.

The latest in this new generation of fuels, Shell V-Power Lead Free is introduced for the first time in Morocco. Recognized by Shell as its best fuel for gasoline cars, it is the only fuel in the world co-developed and recommended by Scuderia Ferrari.

This high-performance fuel embodies the revival of Shell fuels. Featuring innovative DYNAFLEX technology, it contains 3 times more cleaning and friction reducing molecules, to improve the efficiency and performance of the car.

‘’The launch of these revolutionary fuels is part of our commitment to provide Morocco's drivers with Shell's most efficient fuels for a unique driving experience. Our ambition is to strengthen our leadership position in Morocco in terms of innovation and quality,’’ said Asaf V Sasaoglu, Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Energy Morocco.

The new Shell fuels are the result of several years of research and development conducted by Shell International scientists with intensive testing over 3 million km and more than 250 cars. Created with the DYNAFLEX technology, they are based on formulas developed specifically to preserve the efficiency of the engine and contribute to obtain the maximum energy from each drop of fuel.

The new Shell fuels are designed to meet the demands of modern and older vehicles. The Shell V-Power Diesel fuel is also boosted by the DYNAFLEX technology, which can restore up to 100% of the engine power.

‘’Our strategy is to continue to innovate and invest in the customer experience, because we are convinced that their satisfaction inevitably passes through a continuous improvement of our products and services. The launch of the new Shell products, including the Shell V-Power Lead Free used by Scuderia Ferrari in the Formula 1 World Championship, is the best proof,’’ Said Mehdi Abaghad, Vivo Energy Morocco Network Director.

‘’We will continue to rely on the expertise of Shell International scientists to introduce innovative and state-of-the-art fuels in Morocco because it's important not just where you are going, but where you are going,’’ added Salwa Benslimane, Marketing Director of Vivo Energy Morocco.

Customer experience and continuous improvement remain at the heart of Vivo Energy Maroc's differentiation strategy. Its ambition is to become the most respected company at the African level while meeting the highest international standards of quality.