Nestlé announces reorganization in Sub-Saharan Africa
29-05-2018 10:20:00 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 6498 | Tags:

Today Nestlé announces a reorganization in Sub-Saharan Africa. These changes will ensure its Sub-Saharan Africa business continues on a healthy growth path, delivering affordable nutrition to as wide a population as possible.

Effective August 1 2018, the Central West Africa Region (CWAR) will become a Key Market for the Nestlé Group. Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, currently part of Nestlé’s Equatorial Africa Region (EAR), will join CWAR.

Nestlé will also expand the Southern African Region (ZAR) to include the Horn of Africa, Southern, Eastern and Island clusters of EAR. The new, enlarged region, headquartered in Johannesburg, will be renamed the Eastern and Southern African Region (ESAR).

The conglomerate acknowledges that the team in EAR has done a tremendous job, but after trying for nearly ten years, it can no longer sustain the cost of the regional head office with the size of the business there. The office will therefore be closed at the end of July, redistributing the responsibilities between the head offices of the two other regions on the continent in Accra and Johannesburg.

The positions of those who work in the country / cluster offices across EAR will not be affected by this closure of the regional head office. Consumers, customers, trade and wholesale partners, and suppliers of our operations across EAR countries/clusters will also not be impacted.

Nestlé reiterated that it understands this is unsettling for those employees affected and will strive to minimize the impact of the changes, holding consultations with them to achieve this and giving them strong support through this process.