Mowgli Foundation calls on eco-system partners to invest in human capital mentorship
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The award winning Mowgli Foundation marked its recently established presence into Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) with an evening geared at raising awareness on the importance of incorporating mentoring into the entrepreneurial eco-system.

The organization which is also celebrating 9 years of delivering its mentoring program dubbed the Mowgli Mentoring Experience, took its audience through an experiential evening of learning and exploration on the role of mentoring in developing human capital and the consequent economic development realized through entrepreneurial success.

 Mowgli Founder Tony Bury and CEO Kathleen Bury supported their case for mentoring with their recently released Impact Report which provides clear evidence on how mentoring unlocks potential and can be used as a catalyst in driving economic change amongst the youth, women and entrepreneurs.

 The report showcased the impressive gains realized by Mowgli Entrepreneurs during a year of mentoring. An average of 3.3 new jobs were created per entrepreneur while 91% of existing jobs were safeguarded.

The organization also realized an impressive Return on Mentoring Investment (ROMI) of 890% which they credit to mentoring and an enabling eco-system.

 The impact driven organization takes a unique look at mentoring by focusing on both personal and business growth. Speaking during the event, Mowgli CEO Kathleen Bury shed more light into the Mowgli Mentoring Experience by stating that “Mowgli provides mentoring programs that inspire, connect and guide entrepreneurs, women and youth to overcome life’s personal and business challenges through: experiential mentor training and nurturing, strengthening of business models along with building a global support network and community.”

To date, Mowgli boasts of an impressive alumnus of over 800 mentored entrepreneurs and, over 1,000 mentors across 15 countries.

 Mowgli Founder Tony Bury also reiterated on the need for mentoring; “Wherever I find an entrepreneur who’s been successful in any measure, I always find a mentor”, he stated in closing.

 The organization is excited about their recent expansion into SSA which has kicked off on a high having already initiated their first mentoring program in partnership with Ethiopian based agri-business incubator blueMoon Ethiopia in mid-January.

 In a bid to solidify their presence in SSA, Mowgli will also be actively involved in the upcoming 4th edition of the Sankalp Africa Summit as a Knowledge Partner.

The foundation will participate in an Incubators and Accelerators round table discussion as well as host an entrepreneurship workshop on: The Power of Mentoring in Developing Human Capital to Maximise Entrepreneurial Success.

The Mowgli Foundation is an Africa and Middle East focused award winning mentoring organisation that builds the recognition of mentoring as a key enabler for developing human capacity through the training and development of high quality and active mentors to empower and support entrepreneurs, women and youth to strengthen their leadership to drive employment generation through economic growth.

Mowgli works with international and local governments, financial institutions, philanthropists and corporates globally to provide mentoring programs that inspire, connect and guide entrepreneurs and leaders to overcome life's personal and business challenges through the strengthening of entrepreneurs and their businesses by matching them with a trained mentor in facilitated and supervised long term relationships

Building of a global community of trained mentors and entrepreneurs that are able to access networking, learning and growth opportunities

Through the over 90 mentoring programs that Mowgli has delivered to date, the company has developed an alumni with 1800 members and have matched 800 entrepreneurs with 1000 trained mentors in 15 countries; Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and the UK. 

Since 2008, Mowgli has achieved a number of awards and milestones which reflect its key purpose and impact including the 2016 Employment Generation Award by Ta’atheer Social Impact Awards for its employment generation impact, The European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) awarded the European Quality Award (EQA) to Mowgli for its Mowgli Mentoring Experience (MME) program syllabus and structure, Start Up Program of the Year Nominee in the Arabian Business Awards.

The company has also won the 2015 – UK DFID gave Mowgli and its project partners an A rating for the 2-year “Forsa” project which was funded by the G8 Deauville Partnership Fund, under the UK Presidency and in 2012 received the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Young Business Leaders Award for the 'Best Mentor Network in the Arab Region’.