[Morocco] Maroc Telecom Launches Innovative “Smart Days” Cycle Meetings
11-04-2017 09:56:00 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 5087 | Tags:

Maroc Telecom has just launched its new cycle meeting, “Smart Days.” This is an exchange and debate platform organized around different themes related to digital transformation.

Through this opportunity, Maroc Telecom hopes to open up to all players digital broadcasting in Morocco and Africa and the general public.

The giant Moroccan telecommunication company launched its “Smart Days” cycle meeting yesterday in Rabat. Held on a regular basis, the meeting will bring together Moroccan and African players in the field of digitization. This will “enable the general public to inform and exchange knowledge and learn about the latest developments in the world of technology and communication,” said Zakaria Boudaoud, Maroc Telecom’s General Director of Regulation and Legal Affairs.

From Media and Web influencers, researchers and experts in the TIC field, entrepreneurs and engineers, to students and IT geeks; they are all invited to take part in these meetings to discover and discuss the latest digital innovative trends.

Boudaoud explained that Maroc Telecom’s will is to “open and nourish a platform of reflection and initiation to the worldwide digital trends, that the operator is committed to popularize, democratize and make accessible to all.”

The launch of this cycle meeting aims essentially to initiate and sustain a space of reflection and debate dedicated to digital transformation, impacting the daily lives of people and companies alike. Through the open design of “Smart Days”, Maroc Telecom aspires to monitor and analyze digital evolution, by offering new solutions and practices with the help of national and international experts.

For its first meeting, “Smart Days” engaged with the media on one of the most trending digital topics nowadays, “the internet of things.” The internetworking of connected devices was at the heart of the exchange, following this ground-breaking technological evolution that has disrupted people’s lifestyle.

To keep up with the ever-evolving digital world, Maroc Telecom has developed its own innovative policy, notably the component related to solutions based on connected objects.

The operator has launched a multitude of connected objects offers, in Morocco as well in Africa. “Smart Kid,” is a connected tag that allows parents to track their children’s movements in real time using a GPS system. “Smart Home,” is a product that allows its user to manage and remotely control their home equipment. Maroc Telecom’s future connected objects also include “Smart Car,” “Smart Company” and “Smart City.”

During the press conference, Maroc Telecom’s Board of Directors also presented the significant results that the telecommunication company achieved in a number of African countries. According to Boudaoud, this “enabled it to take the lead in many continental markets after being ranked last in the past years.”

Maroc Telecom has doubled their efforts in the past year to conquer the African markets. These efforts eventually paid off, and paid off quite well, as the company is now the telecommunication leader not only in Morocco, but also in Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Gabon.