[Morocco] FairTSA announces licensing agreement with Argan Oleo
03-06-2019 07:13:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3763 | Tags:

FairTSA, a global Fair Trade standard holder, has announced completion of a formal licensing agreement with Argan Oleo, an importer and processor of the finest Argan Oil from Morocco.

In 2006 the company was founded in Morocco, based in Essaouira, in the middle of the world's only argan grove.

The nuts originate in the nature preserve around Essaouira, Smimou und Akermoud. Due to Argan’s close cooperation with the producer company they can source only hand-collected argan nuts. These nuts are then opened individually to select the best ones.

They traditionally harvest the argan seeds. The direct route from the tree to the press is strictly monitored, so they guarantee pure raw materials, and each delivery is subject to independent laboratory analysis.

As a young German-Moroccan family business, they’ve made it their mission to produce only flawless oils and make them available to consumers worldwide.

Argan oil is used in gourmet cooking and is a natural source of vitamin E. In addition, the oil is used in cosmetics and is gaining more and more recognition in modern cosmetics and body care production.

Apart from complying with all Fair Trade requirements, Argan ensures the workers are paid considerable higher wages than prevalent minimum wage. Sustainable motivation from this gives the guarantee to ensure the highest quality requirements throughout the entire production process, from harvest to final product.

“We are very pleased to be working with a company like Argan Oleo, supporting their mission of providing the highest quality organic oils, in an ethical, moral and sustainable fashion,” said Dr. Winfried Fuchshofen, FairTSA Executive Director.  “Their commitment to high quality oil production, worker welfare and the environment is a great fit for our business model.”