Mobiclicks and SilverPush partner to launch automated TV sync platform in Africa
06-04-2018 09:07:13 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3032 | Tags:

The Magnifi TV sync platform was launched in South Africa towards the middle of 2017 in a partnership with Mobilclicks, a leading mobile media company and its technology partner Silverpush.

In the next phase of this collaboration Mobiclicks is leveraging the power of its technology partner, to deliver world class solutions in cross screen media advertising to clients across SA.

With this launch, Mobiclicks is set on a path to redefine digital advertising through Mobile Audience Intelligence and Real time TV syncing platform, Magnifi.

“Consumers are now across multiple devices, making it a bit more challenging to reach them at key moments. By Syncing TV moments with mobile, through social and programmatic, we can reach this distracted audience at a time when there is usually a disconnect The power of this technology allows us to sync not only with TV but with any “trigger” from weather, finance to sporting events, allowing us to leverage these moments and connect with the consumer with the device that’s always with them I am excited to pioneer this product in South Africa and Africa alike,” said Shaun the CEO of Mobilciks.

Maginfi will aid in delivering effective campaigns, with mobile being the interactive driver, together with TV content which serves as a trigger. It would assist brands to target the distracted TV audience, who are in fact highly receptive to brands communication being displayed on high reach social platforms within the same time-stamp.

“Mobile devices are becoming more part of modern day life, it is no surprise that this media consumption is increasingly multi-layered with many consumers using mobile as an additional screen for secondary activities while watching TV. Magnifi allows us to leverage key moments for our client’s online strategy and drive qualified traffic with increased conversions, by up to 8 times the usual conversion rate, all in real time,” said Chris, the Director Global Partnerships and Advertising.
Magnifi strengthens Mobiclicks’ core services of maximizing their client’s reach to target audiences based on location, behavior history and other parameters, by providing incremental reach through real time TV sync. Simply put, marketers can turn to what could be perceived as a distraction, into an integrated and enhanced brand experience that extends from TV across multiple screens with the use of Magnifi.
Apart from mapping real-time TV ads, Magnifi uses data from various channel APIs such as sports, weather, pollution etc. in order to align universal moments that score not just visibility but a higher conversion probability for brands. The platform currently maps the top 12 channels in SA and is expected to grow over time to more channels and markets throughout Africa.

Sharing his thoughts on the TV sync technology, Hitesh Chawla the CEO –Silverpush said, “TV sync is the only way forward to keep TV ads relevant, effective and engaging in a cross screen, cross device environment . Owing to the rise of simultaneous media consumption trend, it is essential for brands to be omnipresent to connect with audiences across screens. Enter Magnifi, a solution to counter this media fragmentation trend. Magnifi would essentially allow advertisers to connect better with multi –screening audiences in real time to deliver healthier ROI on advertising spends both TV and digital.”