Maxtech expands vanadium exploration in Zambia
16-08-2018 08:20:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 4410 | Tags:

Canadian-based diversified industries corporation Maxtech Ventures Inc. has announced that Maxtech Mining Zambia's two large scale exploration licenses filed in Zambia have been validated by the Minister of Mines and Mineral Development of Zambia.

The first large-scale exploration license is for an area of interest claim in the Mukambala area within the Mkushi District of the Central Province.

The second area of interest is for a large-scale exploration license is in the Kabamba area within the Masaiti & Mkushi Districts of the Copperbelt and Central Provinces.

Following an earlier announcement by the company, two specific license areas have shown the potential for high-grade manganese mineralization with grades up to 70% Mn as well as vanadium from initial research prepared by the Company's Zambian-based geology team, GeoQuest.

The exploration licenses submitted to the Minister of Mines have detailed exploration and production outlines up to 4 years covering cobalt, vanadium, nickel and copper mining rights on the areas.

GeoQuest, based in Lusaka, will begin the preparation of an Environmental Project Brief, their team will begin sampling the properties for Manganese and Vanadium mineralization, current status of formal mining activities in the area, the extent-status of any artisanal mining and if necessary, further secure the areas for the Company.