Kowry Energy wins Rolls-Royce as investor as it launches across Sub-Saharan Africa
29-06-2021 10:19:16 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 3619 | Tags:

Kowry Energy wins Rolls-Royce Power Systems as an investor as it launches across Sub-Saharan Africa. The Berlin-based company will empower local, independent energy companies with decentralized energy systems to provide communities and local industries with reliable access to clean energy.

Louise Öfverström, CFO, Rolls-Royce Power Systems: "The African market for decentralized energy supply offers great potential. The geographical conditions provide best opportunity to build a climate-friendly, local power supply for industrial and community customers that operates with minimum of fossil fuels. As a young company, Kowry Energy can adapt to the realities of the fast-growing African energy market. Rolls-Royce as investor and industry partner provides Kowry Energy with a strong positioning in the market. The start-up can rely on our support and know-how in implementing their projects."

In cooperation with local independent power providers and operators, Kowry Energy will supply energy solutions using photovoltaic systems and battery storage for demand of up to 1MW. This minimizes the use of fossil fuels and makes optimal use of the climatic conditions in Africa. Kowry Energy supports its customers every step of the way; from project development & design to sourcing the equipment and offers its customers fully integrated hybrid solutions.

Ndiarka Mbodji, Founder and CEO, Kowry Energy: “We believe that solving the climate challenge facing our planet will only succeed with the inclusion of the 600 million people of Sub-Saharan Africa living without energy today. This requires innovative business-models that enable sustainable energy access with scale and speed. With a scale-based business model and Rolls-Royce Power Systems as our investor we are confident that Kowry Energy will achieve this. We are excited to be launching this year in Mali and Nigeria and to see our business model validated by a current projects pipeline of 17$millions and growing rapidly, and I look forward to welcoming more investors committed to sustainable energy access in Sub-Sahara Africa.”