Kingdom Leadership Network Tanzania partners with Bill Winston Ministries to organize business summit
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The Kingdom Leadership Network Tanzania (KLTN) in partnership with US based Bill Winston Ministries plans a three-day economic summit in Dar es Salaam next month to promote business and good leadership in the country.

The KLNT founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Isaac Mpatwa said the summit to be held from March 6th aims at facilitating the community to undergo transformation through building successful entrepreneurs and traders who are empowered and equipped with entrepreneurial, ethical values-based economic and investment principles.

According to Mr Mpatwa, the summit’s objectives are in line with the fifth government’s goals to build up an industrial-driven economy and boost both socio-economic activities across the country. Mr Mpatwa said the three-day summit will focus on sharing the keys to unlocking sustainable financial success.

Hearing success stories and principles with a view of imparting practical knowledge on value-based financial growth principles and models for investment and economic growth. He said the summit will bring together leaders and various business stakeholders from different areas.

“The summit aims to bring together leaders from a cross-section of society including entrepreneurs, corporate business leaders, senior executives, next generation leaders, church and government leaders,” he said.

Mr Mpatwa said the same summit was conducted last year and that it attracted various participants including political and national leaders. He added that in this year’s economic summit, at least 1,000 participants are expected to participate every day.

“We expect between 800 and 1,000 participants to attend the summit, which is set to take place at Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre every day for three days,” said Mr Mpatwa.

Mr Maptwa said through the summit, KLNT looks forward to continue shaping and empowering national leaders, business persons and entrepreneurs with relevant knowledge and experience that could help to grow and boost businesses in the country,” he noted.

Among other things, Mr Mpatwa said through KLNT, there are plans to establish the ethical and business based colleges in the country, which will help to train, mentor, develop and support ethical value-based leaders for Tanzania and Africa at large.

Apart from the three-day economic summit, KLNT is also looking forward to conduct national prayer breakfast, which is also set to involve various national leaders.

The KLNT General Secretary, Dr Charles Sokile said the purpose of the national prayer is to ensure all people come together before God as well as to breed and raise national leaders who are impeccably ethical and committed patriots to their country.