[Kenya] KRA seizes, repatriates UK stolen motor vehicles
25-04-2019 07:18:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 3393 | Tags:

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is working on repatriating nine (9) high-value stolen motor vehicles recently seized at the Port of Mombasa to their country of origin.

The motor vehicles were reported to have been stolen in the United Kingdom (UK) and were on transit to various destinations in East Africa when they were intercepted at the port.

The seized vehicles include six (6) Range Rover units, one (1) Land Rover Discovery, one (1) Mercedes Benz and one (1) BMW X5. The vehicles were shipped in containers manifested as other low-value vehicle models, and in some cases disguised as used household goods. In two cases, the chassis numbers found on the vehicles had been “cloned” to conceal their stolen status.

These seizures at Port are as a result of close collaboration between KRA and its local and international law enforcement partners. Particularly, KRA has worked closely with the British High Commission in Kenya (BHC) through information and intelligence exchange, to disrupt the stolen vehicle smuggling syndicate. Today’s visit to the Port by the British High Commissioner to Kenya, Mr Nic Hailey is an affirmation of this close partnership.

KRA and BHC, together with other concerned agencies locally and in the UK, are committed to stamping out high-value stolen vehicle crime at Kenyan and UK Ports. The repatriation of the seized vehicles is for law enforcement purposes and for the eventual return to the rightful owners.

This action is intended to send a strong and clear message to international organized criminal groups in Kenya and East Africa that engage in illicit trade (including high-value stolen vehicle crime) will not be tolerated at the port of Mombasa.

KRA is cognizant of its key roles in securing Kenyan borders and fighting organized crime. Further, KRA takes these roles seriously and continually seeks mutual partnerships to enhance its capacity to perform its mandates.