[Kenya] Diani Reef Resort &Spa unveils pay plan with eyes on domestic tourists
16-02-2017 09:17:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2547 | Tags:

Diani Reef Resort &Spa has launched a model that will allow holiday-makers save for their vacations. Under the model, ‘Easy Pay Plan’, domestic tourists will be able to choose what package suits them and pay in installments through bank transfers and mobile payment platforms.

According to the Managing Director, Diani Reef Resort & Spa, Bobby Kamani, the new model will help increase domestic tourism. “We introduce this model to

 “We introduce this model to encourage people to save for vacations and embrace local tourism. Easy Pay Plan will allow many Kenyans have an experience just like their international counterparts,” he said.

Saving model “In December 2016, we had a 90 per cent occupancy rate. 70 per cent were domestic tourists. We expect the saving model to push the numbers up,” Kamani said. He urged the government to expedite the construction of DongoKundu bypass road and the expansion of the Ukunda Airstrip.

“The Dongo-Kundu bypass will reduce the delay time at the ferry crossing point which hinders many tourists, both local and international, from experiencing the vacation sites in South Coast. Delayed expansion of the Ukunda Airstrip has discouraged bigger aircrafts from landing and bringing tourists to our facilities. If the tourism industry wants to see an exponential growth in numbers, then such infrastructural development must move on faster.”