Janus Global Operations to provide security for EU agency building Somalia maritime security
05-10-2017 14:00:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 9204 | Tags:

Janus Global Operations has been selected to provide risk management and security for the European Union organization working to help build maritime civilian law enforcement in Somalia.

EUCAP Somalia (European Union Regional Maritime Capacity Building) assists Somali regional and federal authorities in carrying out coast guard functions and policing Somalia's coastal zones. At 3,333 kilometers (about 1,900 miles), Somalia has mainland Africa's longest coastline. 

"Somalia's strategic location at the horn of Africa has seen criminal elements use the coastline for piracy and other illegal acts, and the Somali government wants to put an end to it," said Matt Kaye, JGO President and Chief Executive Officer. "EUCAP Somalia is in the region to help Somalia build effective civilian maritime security and policing operations, and we're proud to be tasked to work for EUCAP Somalia in this effort."

Using a combination of expatriate and local national employees, JGO will provide security management, around-the-clock regional support and monitoring integrated into EUCAP Somalia's incident management system, regional daily incident alerts and security risk assessment analysis, close protection teams with secure journey management throughout the region and hostile Environment Awareness Training for EUCAP staff

JGO is the only security firm working in Somalia certified and accredited to ISO and PSC-1 standards (a worldwide standard for security operations) licensed to operate in Somalia.

"Our security plan is fully integrated into EUCAP Somalia's security management systems in the cities of Mogadishu, Hargeisa, and Garowe," Kaye said. "JGO's cooperative, integrated approach leads to safer operations and better results."

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