Investment funds already a reality in Angola
31-10-2017 06:50:41 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 13385 | Tags:

Investment funds are already available for investment in Angola. They are an excellent savings alternative instrument for the national market. Odell Global Investors (ODELL), as a pioneer and leader in the management of such funds, currently has a total of seven investment funds under management in Angola.

Of these, two are mutual funds - Odell Liquidez and Odell Protecção, one Private Equity fund - Odell Agribusiness Angola and four approved real estate funds - Odell Retail & Logistics, Gama, Home and Building. All these instruments are supervised by the Capital Markets Commission.

The private equity fund is focused on the agribusiness sector in Angola. The fund aims to be a professional investor in the Angolan market, raising capital, not only from local markets but also form international investors in that if offers an investment format under a regulated market. There is also local regulation with regards to capital inflows that privileges foreign investment through market instruments.

Odell Liquidez is the first treasury fund to be launched in Angola. It is an investment alternative with competitive expected returns, offering diversification through its assets and professional management, which complements the range of savings and investment solutions currently available in Angola.

As a mutual fund, Odell Liquidez is a treasury fund. The purpose of the investment in this instrument will be the remuneration of capital for short term, notably for maturities no longer than 12 months, focusing on keeping liquidity available to the investor.

As such, one of the advantages of this product vis-à-vis the existing ones in the market is the liquidity, allowing for a redemption in 5 business days, with any penalisation in returns to the investor as it pertains to the price of the fund’s shares.

Odell Liquidez can be invested in via Banco Millennium Atlântico branches in Angola. The fund is targeted at investors who wish to ensure the liquidity of their investment, while enjoying income stability, compatible with short-term market conditions. Odell Liquidez's annualized return in July was more than 15%, which represents a very competitive alternative within the national framework and linked to the liquidity of the product.

The open-ended investment funds represent an industry of more than $ 40 trillion worldwide and are an investment alternative that now also extends the range of options for investment in national currency serving as a means of diversifying investment portfolios.