launches to help Nigerians make better buying decisions for home appliances
13-02-2018 06:00:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 7284 | Tags:, a price guide and review website for home appliances has been launched in Nigeria.

The website is birthed to tackle the lack of quality home appliances and price guide sources targeted specifically at Nigerians. This website provides extensive reviews and price guides on both large and small home appliances in Nigeria.

Ololade Israel, a co-founder of explained that many Nigerians do not have reliable online sources they can browse through to give them an idea of how much it cost to get various home appliances like refrigerators, cookers, pressing irons and others at a simple glance.

He declared that having a website like homesweet will actually ease Nigerians into making better buying decisions. He also mentioned that many Nigerians are skeptical to making online purchases so the website also encourages Nigerians to buy appliances online because many of the fears Nigerians have regarding online purchases are borne out of myths.

Homesweet's website is structured such that readers get to read overall reviews and price guides for different appliances then get to read price guides for individual appliances based on their brands.

Homesweet hopes to become a household name that Nigerians trust to help them in making great buying decisions regarding home appliances.