Haejeon Industrial secures $18.3 million contract to construct dam in Mali
06-02-2020 07:53:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3218 | Tags:

 Haejeon Industrial Co., Ltd. has secured a $18.3 million contract to construct a large dam in Mali, Africa in a joint venture with industry partner Samsung C & T Corp.

 The result of innovative, cutting-edge technological prowess within Haejeon Industrial Company’s water resources development and irrigation fields, the company also brings forward a familiarity with water scarcity concerns in the susceptible African region.

As part of this project, Haejeon Industrial Company will spearhead installation of a dam to block rivers and resolve an ongoing regional drought crisis. Haejeon Industrial Company, founded by CEO Hyeongsik Kim, brings years of manufacturing and construction experience to this vital infrastructure project.

With a team of expert engineers in the industries of water retention, dam floodgates, and dam hoists, Haejeon Industrial Company will leverage its successes in the design, manufacturing, and construction fields for this project.

 “We will move forward as a company specializing in global floodgate industry and power plants by securing competitiveness based on bold action,” remarked Kim Hyungsik, CEO of Haejeon Industrial Company.

 Haejeon Industrial Company has demonstrated persistent know-how and a robust ability to execute all processes from plant equipment supply to manufacturing and installation. With a reputation as Korea’s top-rated dam floodgate manufacturing and installation company, Haejeon Industrial Company was awarded five million export towers in recognition of their overseas exports on ‘Trade Day’ in December 2018.

 Haejeon Industrial Company has contributed vitally to many internationally recognized infrastructure efforts. The company previously constructed a 350-meter-wide dam to store water during rainy seasons for agricultural and residential use in Africa, previously led floodgate installation efforts on the ‘Sepian-Senam Noi’ dam’s auxiliary dam in southeastern Atap province for hydroelectric power plants, and previously led floodgate installation efforts Jeonbuk Province, where they were recognized as a leading innovator in 2018.

 Such floodgate installations have proven vital for emergency water level controls that prevent flooding, flood damage, and damage to existing main dam infrastructure.

Each time, Haejeon Industrial Company has exhibited a high degree of technological prowess in the drainage locks and dam floodgates business, installing floodgates for dams, reservoirs, and waterproofing agents.

 Haejeon Industrial Company is currently expanding its business operations across Korea, Laos Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.