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Greenlight Planet connects 2 million people to clean energy in Nigeria

Greenlight Planet connects 2 million people to clean energy in Nigeria

Greenlight Planet, a global provider of solar home energy products, has successfully delivered clean energy access to more than two million individuals in Nigeria.

On a mission to power the lives of the underserved, Greenlight Planet began distributing Sun King[TM] products in the country in 2011.

The company has focused on rapid innovation in its product offerings and distribution strategy ever since.

Speaking on Greenlight Planet's journey in Nigeria so far, Mr. Dhaval Radia, Global Business Leader, Sun King[TM]EasyBuy[TM] says, "Over the last 7 years, we have sold more than 500,000 life-changing Sun King[TM] solar solutions in Nigeria through strategic distribution partnerships and our own pay-as-you-go distribution channel. Customers have been quick to recognize that an investment in a Sun King[TM] product more than pays for itself over time, with several customers experiencing dramatic improvements in household savings, increased productivity for their small businesses and additional study-time for their children. The quality and reliability of Sun King[TM] solar home systems has helped us build a loyal customer base over time. While we are humbled by the warm acceptance of our products so far, for us this is just the beginning to reaching the 101 million individuals still living without basic access to electricity in Nigeria. To ensure that our products are made affordable to even the most cash-constrained households, we launched our pay-as-you-go distribution channel in early 2017."

Sun King[TM] products enabled with EasyBuy[TM] (pay-as-you-go technology) now allow potential users with limited access to financing to pay for their Sun King[TM] product in small instalments over time.

With twenty-four flagship Sun King[TM] stores across twenty-three active states, and a large network of nearly 1,200 local sales agents ('Sun King[TM]Energy Officers'), the Sun King[TM] EasyBuy[TM] door-to-door sales channel is accelerating Greenlight Planet's growth in Nigeria while also boosting employment opportunities within local communities.

"Our vision is to establish a world-class distribution and energy financing eco-system for the vast off-grid populations of rural Nigeria. With our rigorous efforts and continued innovation, our goal is to power 30 million lives by 2030 in Nigeria. As a company, we envision a world where access to clean, affordable energy allows every individual to truly achieve their human potential," adds Mr. Radia.


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