Grad Coach South Africa launches free MBA question and answer service
02-08-2017 09:49:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 18770 | Tags:

Grad Coach, a leading South African postgraduate support provider, has launched a free MBA Q&A service that allows MBA students to get answers to their burning questions, all at no cost.

Derek Jansen, founder of Grad Coach, commenting on the rationale behind the service, said, “Through our coaching service, we’ve learned that many students have questions regarding assignment writing, research and general academic practice that are currently going unanswered – particularly for part-time and distance education-based students.” This inspired Jansen to develop the new Q&A service—so that MBA students can have a free and supportive place to go to get the answers that they need.

Submitting a question is easy; students simply need to fill out a short contact form along with their question on the Grad Coach website. Skilled and experienced MBA tutors and alumni then review the question and answer it in the form of a blog post or video. To watch a recent YouTube video that answers the recently submitted question, “What's the best way to manage referencing in my MBA assignments?”

While Jansen and his team cannot guarantee that they will answer every single question that is submitted, they prioritize the questions that will provide the most value to the largest number of students. Students who submit a question are notified by email when the response is published, and the student’s personal details remain completely confidential. 

The fact that Jansen and his team have found yet another way to help South African MBA students to succeed will not surprise the many satisfied people who have used the Grad Coach service. Since launching, Grad Coach has earned a well-deserved reputation for its knowledgeable and supportive assistance on a number of topics, as evidenced by the glowing reviews on their Facebook page.

“In short, we do whatever it takes to help students achieve their academic goals,” Jansen said. “This includes everything from helping students understand technical concepts and theories, through to improving the quality of their academic writing, argument development and presentation, as well as optimising their general approach to studying, learning and writing.”

More information about the service can be seen here