[Ghana] Tigo to launch SuperSMS network with London-based telco, ONEm Communications
26-06-2017 07:21:00 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 12488 | Tags:

Tigo Ghana will be the next mobile operator to launch its SuperSMS network in partnership with Onem Communications, a London-based telco. The newly launched network will be providing access to what it is being largely describes as “a growing ecosystem of interactive SMS-based services.”

With a statement released by ONEm highlighting the fact that the merger between Tigo and Airtel Ghana, which was announced earlier this year and now sees the company cover 80% of Ghana’s population, giving the company a potential market of over 10 million people, users that will have access to SMS-based services that ONEm says were not previously available over SMS and voice.

ONEm is currently active in East Africa and the Middle East, and says the SuperSMS network offers a user access, via any mobile, to communication services with internet-like group chat and other interactive services for social communication, audio and text services, as well as self-help tools.

“Ghana is a progressive African nation with great potential, as evidenced by their technology programs; Ghana Space Science and Technology Centre, Innovations and HOPE City and Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine. We see many applications where SuperSMS can be used to bridge the gap between 33% of the people without data while providing a better and more suitable use the existing SMS and Voice infrastructure for those with data,” said Christopher Richardson, CEO of ONEm.