GetSavvi Health offers affordable medical insurance in South Africa
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GetSavvi Health is an insurance provider based out of South Africa. They aim at providing affordable and quality health care services to all the people of the country.

Millions of people in South Africa are deprived of traditional medical aid as it is beyond their reach and are compelled to depend on state institutions. GetSavvi Health acknowledges this major issue and was formed to help provide services ranging from primary healthcare to hospital services to the country people through their affordable and quality health plans.

Plan options provided by GetSavvi Health-

Primary Care Plan

Primary care plan members can avail the following benefits:

HIV & STI blood tests

Medication (acute & chronic)

Dentistry (basic & emergency)

Maternity benefits

Unlimited visitations from doctors

Black and white X-rays

And more

Primary care plan +

Primary care plan + members avail the following benefits:

Medication (acute & chronic)


Dental care (basic & emergency)

Unlimited GP visitations & consultations

Blood tests

Maternity benefits

And more

Get Care Plan

Get Care Plan members avail the following benefits:

Emergency stabilisation benefit: Inpatient hospital treatment during an emergency for stabilisation of the patient in a public/private hospital. The plan is limited to R18 500 per person per annum.

Personal accident benefit: Inpatient hospital treatment, including all related services at a private facility for injuries obtained in an accident. The plan is limited to R120 000 per person per annum.

Emergency casualty benefit: Outpatient hospital treatment during an emergency for injuries obtained due to an accident. This plan is limited to R6 350 per person per annum.

Other benefits provided by GetSavvi Health-

Netcare 911 Emergency Service: A 24-hour service that can be availed by contacting the hotline during an emergency.

Health Advisors: A 24-hour service that enables members to contact health advisors all throughout the year. The health advisors are skilled to tackle several issues such as assessing everyday symptoms, drug information, poisoning, vital medical knowledge, stress management, emergency medical guidance, trauma counselling, health guidance etc.

Family Funeral Plan: A plan that assures accidental death & funeral covers for the family

HIV/Aids, Assault & Trauma Counselling: Counselling and treatment for members exposed to HIV accidentally, been a victim of assault or experienced trauma.