Forum of African Regions launched to accelerate regional development
22-11-2018 16:30:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3896 | Tags:

The Forum of African Regions has been launched to foster exchange and sharing of experiences between the presidents of the Africa to concretize the socio-economic development in favor of the continent's population.

Launched on the sidelines of the eighth Africities Summit happening in Marrakech Morocco, the forum hopes to encourage sharing od experiences and expertise among various players.

The launch which was graced by several regional leaders and local authorities of the continent saw an interim executive committee elected, chaired by Abdenbi Bioui.

The establishment of this body is the culmination of a process begun last April in Oujda, which hosted a meeting of presidents of African regions, told reporters Mr. Bioui.

He noted that the Forum's interim office has also been elected, as "an extended meeting will be held in Oujda in April, bringing together all African regions, given that the region of the Oriental will house the Forum's headquarters ".

At the next meeting, extended elections are planned to choose the executive bureau and the president of this body, said Mr. Bioui, recalling the various steps taken to implement this "common project" of Africans.

Speaking on this occasion, the President of the Fez-Méknes region, Mohand Lansar, highlighted the progress made at the level of local authorities in Africa, especially the regions, highlighting the pioneering experience of the Kingdom in the consolidation of the region. legal arsenal and enlargement of the powers of the regions.

The regions' mission is to accelerate local development, Lansar noted, considering it necessary to create a space for communication and sharing of know-how and expertise between African regions.

He also highlighted the international commitments made by African countries on territorial development, environmental protection and investment promotion.

The Secretary-General of the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG), Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi, said that this Forum will play an important role in the field of sharing experiences between regions and will constitute a tool to promote economic development.

The Forum, which embodies good governance within UCLG, will take a great responsibility in defining future actions, he said, calling for greater interest in finding the right solutions for the future. problems posed.