Ekuity Capital, Tuniso-Kuwaiti and Pfizer certified among the best places to work in Tunisia for 2021
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6 companies made the list this year in Tunisia as the best places to work.

These companies received outstanding scores across several aspects of their workplace, such as learning opportunities, relationships, teamwork, and culture resulting in their recognition as the top 6 best employers in the country for 2021.

Best Places to Work program is an international certification program providing employers in different regions the opportunity to assess their HR practices and learn more about the engagement and satisfaction of their employees and honor those who deliver an outstanding work experience.

 Despite the global context marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the results illustrated the various initiatives taken by several employers in Tunisia to engage and retain their employees and support them remotely. The assessment covered this year a number of topics covering how the companies responded to COVID-19 crisis and how well they succeeded in offering flexibility to their employees.

According to Mr. Mohammad Al Nemah, CEO of Ekuity Capital: “We are extremely proud to be recognized as a best employer in our business sector in Tunisia. This recognition reinforces our positioning as a quality employer as well as our commitment to our employees, who represent our most valuable and essential asset.”

According to Chaker Ouriemi, General Manager of STKE: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees for their trust and continual commitment. We are committed to support them with the best working environment by continuously improving our standards and practices .”

According to Benjamin BOISEAU, Managing Director of Ipsen Algeria & Tunisia: “It is an immense pride to see that, in this particular context, our employees and our culture make the difference and allow us to continue to climb the steps of the best working environment in North Africa specially in Algeria and Tunisia.”

Anissa MSADDEK, Site director for Mezzo Tunisia: “Our employees are pleased today to learn that we are among the best employers in Tunisia for the second year in a row! This prestigious distinction supports our investment at all levels to make the daily life of our employees pleasant and evolving .”

Walid Lakhdar, CEO of Pfizer Tunisia: “Today we are celebrating an exceptional achievement, Pfizer is certified as one of the “Best Places to Work” in Tunisia . This achievement reinforces the meaning of Say, Stay, Strive as premised on our shared vision and the strong commitment from all colleagues and the Leadership Team. We are proud of our colleagues ownership of our inclusive culture, equity, trust and transparency and their investment in our values. Excellence for us is not an act, but a habit.”

Omar Ben Slimane, site director for Armatis Tunisia: “We are particularly proud to have been recognized among the best employer in our industry in Tunisia. This new international distinction comfort our positioning as an employer of choice and our desire to create a great working environment for our employees.”