Egypt, Tunisia sign working program on fishing
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Egypt and Tunisia have signed a working program to exchange expertise in the fields of sea fishing and fish farming for 2019/20.

The agreement is meant to activate cooperation between the Egyptian and Tunisian Ministries of Agriculture and make good use of available potential to achieve integration in fish farming.

The announcement came as Deputy Agriculture Minister for Animal Wealth, Fisheries and Poultry Mona Mehrez was participating in the Egyptian-Tunisian technical committee for sea fishing that concluded its activities on Thursday in Tunis.

In a statement, Mehrez said the committee discussed means of fostering bilateral cooperation in the domains of fish farming, floating aquaculture cages, fisheries and sea fishing, in addition to the exchange of scientific research and uniting stances at regional and international forums on fish wealth.

During the meetings, the deputy agriculture minister called on Egyptian and Tunisian investors to establish joint projects in the fields of sea fishing and fish farming, the statement added.

She, also, pointed out that Egypt is willing to transfer its expertise in freshwater fish farming to Tunisia, as well as benefiting from the Tunisian expertise to farm fish in floating cages, the statement read. MENA.