ECA supports Comoros to implement its national energy strategy
11-06-2018 14:27:50 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 1538 | Tags:

Through its office for Eastern Africa, the UN Economic Commission for Africa in collaboration with the government of the Union of Comoros and with the Stockholm Environment Institute- Africa Office, have conducted a five-day training on energy planning in Moroni.

The training entitled: "Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system (Leap) and Energy Balance Statistics was conducted as part of an overall engagement with the Union of Comoros to strengthen energy sector planning.

Mr Yohannes Hailu, ECA Economic Affairs Officer in charge of energy policy said that the training was conducted upon the request of Comoros. "The country wants to develop its energy balance statistics and build the national energy system model to undertake long-term energy planning, particularly towards the implementation of its 2030 national energy strategy", said Hailu.

Hailu also stressed that ECA through its office for Eastern Africa has been supporting regional initiatives to strengthen energy planning capacity in the different Member States. "Similar training was conducted in Kigali and Addis Ababa in 2017", he said.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the training, Mr Ali Ibrahim Maziada, the Director General of Energy, Water and Mining highlighted the importance of the capacity development in energy planning in Comoros. He lauded the partnership and support of ECA and Stockholm Environment Institute, specifically on the transfer of knowledge.

Ms Rocio Diaz-Chavez, head of Energy and Environment at Stockholm Environment Institute, Africa Office, said that the link between sustainable development and energy should be a way forward to achieve the SDGs and foster development.

The training was attended by participants from all the islands of the Union of Comoros:  Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli as well as representatives of energy planning institutions of Moroni.