[DR Congo] Banro Corporation resumes operations at Namoya mine following months of closure
15-01-2018 13:13:40 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 6968 | Tags:

Canadian gold mining company Banro Corporation has resumed mining operations at Namoya mine, as a result of the reestablishment of the road access to the mine.

The Company has expressed gratitude for the support it has received from both the regional and national governments during this period. The Company intends to progressively ramp up production at Namoya starting this month.

There has been a suspension of mining operations at the Namoya mine due to the activities of local groups, which took control over certain areas along the sole supply road to Namoya and shut down transit.

The impact of those activities resulted in the depletion of essential operating stock and supplies, leading to the temporary suspension of mining operations at Namoya. Normal operations are continuing at the Company’s Twangiza mine.