Commonwealth and African Development Bank to explore real and tangible partnership
16-10-2017 11:30:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2419 | Tags:

The Commonwealth Secretariat and the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) have pledged to work closer together to help billions of people. 

In a wide ranging discussion, Secretary-General Patricia Scotland and Senior Vice President Charles Boamah committed the two organisations to working together in areas such as climate change, regenerative development, natural disasters, equality and gender, rule of law, good governance and youth unemployment.

They have agreed to develop and implement an outcomes-focused memorandum of understanding on joint programmes which will lead to real and tangible differences to the lives of Commonwealth citizens.

"I'm delighted that we had an opportunity for a far reaching conversation with the African Development Bank," said Secretary-General Scotland. "We discussed substantive issues which affect the people we represent. Challenges such as the existential threat of climate change, how we can help those facing natural disasters such as desertification and mud slides in Africa, the hurricanes in the Caribbean and the floods in South Asia.

"We're both working in areas which resonate and affect peoples' lives. The need for good governance, the rule of law and infrastructure development. I'm also delighted that a formal agreement will ensure our work will be focussed leading to deliverable projects."

The way the AfDB's 'High Five Priority' areas and the Secretariat's Charter complement one another, offers the opportunity for effective and results-driven partnership working.