COMESA to launch a regional tourism handbook
28-08-2017 11:13:14 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2563 | Tags:

The COMESA Business Council (CBC) will next week launch a regional tourism and wildlife heritage handbook to promote COMESA as a single tourist and wildlife destination. The handbook, which will the first of its kind for the region, will help raise awareness on sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation in the bloc.

The publications it titled ‘The COMESA Tourism and Wildlife Heritage Handbook’ with the theme “Single Market – Countless destinations” features all the 19COMESA countries showcasing the different tourism and wildlife products in the region.

The handbook will be launched during the 47th Africa World Tourism Heritage Summit 28th – 31st August 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda.

This initiative is also meant to promote cross border linkages and partnerships between various stakeholders in the tourism industry in COMESA and advocate for responsible business practices towards environmental sustainability with regards to tourism in the region.

Speaking in Lusaka ahead of the launch, CBC Chief Executive Officer Ms. Sandra Uwera said: “This handbook provides tourists coming to COMESA a way to make their adventures more exciting, a taste of what to look for when they visit the COMESA region.”

The handbook is part of the COMESA Sustainable Tourism Development Strategic Framework which has been recognized by Member States as a model to develop national tourism action plans to boost competitiveness of the sector.