COMESA, Corporate Council of Africa partner to strengthen US-Africa engagements
13-08-2021 08:28:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 1536 | Tags:

The COMESA Business Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Corporate Council of Africa (CCA) towards forging new pathways for stronger US-Africa engagements which will include developing a joint implementation plan to facilitate joint programmes for knowledge sharing.

Marday Venkatasamy, COMESA Business Council Chairperson said, “Through this MoU we strengthen the relationship to facilitate closer collaboration, joint advancement of the private sector business agenda, and provide a platform for consolidating the voice of the Private Sector.” 

Apart from knowledge sharing, the parties are expected to develop a joint implementation plan for business to business and business to government facilitation, public and private sector dialogues, conferences and special events and trade missions.

Florie Liser, President and CEO of Corporate Council of Africa said, “With the COMESA Business Council being one of CCA’s oldest and longest standing partners, we welcome this MoU and look forward to collaborating to support greater US-COMESA trade and investment and stronger ties amongst our businesses.”

The key focus areas will be on trade facilitation, trade-related infrastructure development, services sector development, small and medium-sized enterprise sustainability, agribusiness, regional value chains and value addition. Others are investment promotion and facilitation, women’s business leadership and capacity building/technical assistance.

This signing marked the beginning of the journey towards solidifying the relationship between the Councils for the period of two years, 2021 to 2023.