Central African mobile operator launches Evolving Systems customer acquisition and activation managed service solution
27-09-2017 05:37:27 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2929 | Tags:

Evolving Systems, Inc, a provider of real-time analytics, customer acquisition and customer value management solutions and services, has announced that its Customer Acquisition and Activation Acceleration Managed Service has been launched at the central African unit of an existing pan-African operator group customer.

Evolving’ Customer Acquisition and Activation Managed Service enables carriers to consolidate point of sale processes, combining market differentiation through subscription personalization in full compliance with critical regulatory “know your customer” (KYC) requirements.

Conducted through a single, seamless process, this consolidation, together with the market differentiation provided by offering subscription personalization, leads to increased sales, enhanced customer retention and increased margins for the operator.

In addition, with the ability to now deliver differentiated subscription options such as number personalization, customized product and service bundling and individualized promotions at the retailer-level, creates significant new revenue streams for channel partners who sells the carrier’s SIMs, leading to additional incremental sales revenue.

“This new contract award is especially notable as its award is the direct result of our ability to drive increased acquisitions for one of the group’s larger West African carriers, and serves as clear proof of ability to drive measurable results for our customers,” said Thomas Thekkethala, President and CEO of Evolving Systems. “While businesses often have the required data repositories necessary to drive innovative customer acquisition, they often lack the experience and ability to use contextual real-time solutions to enhance this data for relevancy which is a hallmark and key differentiator for Evolving Systems.”

Evolving Systems’ Customer Acquisition and Activation solutions are now powering major mobile operators across five continents with significant deployments in Africa, India and the United Kingdom. Carriers are utilizing Evolving’s solutions to enhance their subscriber management capabilities while accelerating their 3G and 4G customer acquisition efforts, generating tens of thousands of new customers per day.