Bollore Logistics picked by Burger King to manage its supply chain in Ivory Coast
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American fast food chain Burger King launched its activity in Ivory Coast in 2015 by opening its first restaurant in Marcory, a district in the city of Abidjan.

Since then, five other restaurants have been opened in Abidjan, located at the Airport and in the districts of Plateau, Cocody, Marcory Playce Shopping Center, and in Riviera Plameraie Playce Shopping Center. Four new openings are planned each year.

In order to optimize the supply of its new restaurants and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, Burger King has entrusted Bolloré Logistics with the management of the logistics chain of all its restaurants in Ivory Coast.

Bolloré Logistics delivers a quality door-to-door logistics service which consists, for this operation, in the management of the pre-carriage, the transport of a hundred refrigerated TEUs from Europe to the port of Abidjan, the transit operations, the customs clearance and final delivery on-site.

Numerous investments have been made by Bolloré Logistics teams in Ivory Coast to anticipate the evolution of the catering market and to be in line with Burger King's expectations. Thus, a specialized cold warehouse was built to store frozen food from the American fast-food chain at a temperature of -20°C.

In addition, the delivery in the six restaurants is carried out by Bolloré Logistics in a two-temperature refrigerated truck (-20°C / +4°C) followed by GPS.

All these operations are carried out in accordance with the international requirements for hygiene and food safety (GFSI, HACCP). As Bolloré Logistics' activities are ISO 9001 version 2015 certified, this asset is a guarantee of its know-how in value-added storage technology.

On August 5th 2017, a Burger King audit certified the ability of our logistics chain to successfully deliver the chain's products, which guarantees the sustainability of our collaboration.

Mr. Louis Gascoin, Burger King's Manager in Ivory Coast, declared: "We are satisfied with the services provided by Bolloré Logistics since the beginning of our collaboration and we are looking forward to moving to the final infrastructure planned near the airport. Bolloré Logistics' teams in Ivory Coast and Burger King piloted the project in perfect coordination and both ensure its execution today."

Through this achievement, Bolloré Logistics is expanding its offer of advanced logistics solutions in the consumer goods sector, thus supporting the growth and structuring of this market in Ivory Coast.