[Senegal] Bolloré Logistics delivers tamping machines for the Dakar Blaise Diagne International Airport express train
23-03-2018 10:58:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3837 | Tags:

As part of the plans for a regional express train to link Dakar to Blaise Diagne International Airport located in Diass, around 50 km from the Senegalese capital via Diamniadio, the EIFFAGE Group, a French group specializing, among other things, in the construction of rail infrastructure, picked Bolloré Logistics to ship and deliver two tamping machines. These machines are railworks machines used to position the tracks.

Both machines, which are 19 meters long, 3 meters wide, 4 meters tall and weigh 75 and 64 tons respectively, were unloaded by the teams from the Dakar Terminal company in early January 2018.

Two 200-ton cranes were then used by the Bolloré Logistics teams to transfer these tamping machines from the MAFI trailers at the port to the tank transporters provided to transport the machines.

A special convoy, composed of a 120-ton tank transporter, a six-wheel heavy load tractor and a hydraulic trailer, was organized to deliver the machines in two days.

Delivery took place at two sites, the Dakar train station and the town of Bargny, located 30 km from Dakar. This configuration and the challenges linked to packing the tools required collaboration from the Dakar Terminal handling teams and the members of the project follow-up committee.

Moreover, support from the EIFFAGE Rails teams enabled special arrangements to be implemented at these delivery sites to facilitate accessibility for the transportation and hoisting equipment.

The Bolloré Logistics teams transported them on time and completed the operations successfully, thus demonstrating their expertise in terms of oversized-load logistics and making them a vital partner for the various TER projects.