Atradius Collections partners with Morocco company to grow African foothold
13-02-2018 08:15:19 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 12187 | Tags:

International commercial debt collection services company Atradius Collections has expanded its international presence through a cooperation with a local partner in Morocco, Casablanca.

This it hopes will improve the debt collection services of the collection company in Morocco.

"Understanding local business practices and the culture is key for success in our collection activities. Being close to the debtor gives us the opportunity to maintain a positive relationship and build good conditions for the negotiation, and of course the recovery of debts," affirms Rudi De Greve, Global Operations Director of Atradius Collections.

The Doing Business 2018 report, published by The World Bank, confirms the leadership of Morocco on the African continent. Reforms in previous years have supported the economic development of Morocco. For Atradius Collections, our presence in Morocco is strategic as it is a gateway to Northern Africa.

"Every country has its specific legal environment, our presence in Morocco strengthens our local expertise and our operational efficiency in the debt collection process. Our B2B debt collections specialist partner, based in Casablanca, knows how the legal environment is developing and is able to execute the right strategy in order to recover our customers outstanding debts."