Area9 and Valia partner to advance corporate e learning in North Africa
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Area9 Learning and Valia Investments have signed a long-term exclusive partnership to advance adaptive e-learning for corporations in North Africa and Middle East and North Africa region.

The agreement was entered into after the three-day Future Investment Initiative conference hosted by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and the Public Investment Fund (PIF) in Riyadh, where global business leaders gathered to discuss the future of Saudi Arabia and the world economy.

Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen, Executive Chairman of Area9, spoke on the panel about the future of education with Tony Miller, former US Deputy Secretary of Education, and Peter Davis, former President of McGraw-Hill Education. The panel discussed the critical role adaptive learning is playing as a tool for instructors and teachers to more effectively equip the workforce with 21st century skills.

"Corporate learning and development is at an inflection point in the MENA region, along with the rest of the world. Companies across all industries are realizing rapidly that they have to go 'beyond compliance' and that 'check-the-box' learning will soon be history. Our adaptive learning technologies have proven outcomes in reducing the time to mastery, which saves companies time and money, while boosting productivity," said Dr. Khurram Jamil, COO of Area9 Learning, who has been leading the partnership negotiations.

This partnership comes at a time where educational reform is a focal point of Saudi Arabia's National Transformation Plan (NTP).

"Area9 will help the public and private sector achieve many of the educational goals set forth by the NTP and Vision 2030 - there could not have been a more fitting time for this partnership" said Khaled Jalanbo, Managing Partner of Valia Investments.

Area9 and Valia will have a strong regional presence and work closely with leading public and private in the areas of energy, oil & gas, transportation, education, telecommunications, retail, healthcare and hospitality.

"The adoption of advanced adaptive learning platforms in the region is critical for future growth, and we are excited to advance this long-term exclusive partnership in MENA across many industries." said Mohammad Al-Wazzan, Managing Partner of Valia Investments.