Angola's partnership with National Geographic Society to bolster tourism
24-04-2018 08:29:58 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 5286 | Tags:

Angola and the National Geographic Society are preparing to sign, in the short term, a cooperation protocol in the biodiversity conservation segment.

The information was provided in New York by the Minister of Hotels and Tourism, Ângela Bragança, after the release of National Geographic of the film into the Okavango that reflects on the biodiversity and way of life of the populations living along the Cuito, Cuanavale and Cubango rivers.

Ângela Bragança, who headed the Angolan delegation to the event, said that the terms of this cooperation are under negotiation, but added that the ministries of Tourism, Environment, civil society organization, as well as the governments of Bié and Cuando Cubango, will be involved.

According to her, the film into the Okavango is a great instrument of international mobilization for the development of tourism in the South of Angola.

Regarding the Angolan part of the Zaza environmental conservation project, she believes that it should give the country an important source of income and encourages the change of habits of the population that is still engaged in poaching, animal slaughtering and burning of trees.

As for the conservation strategy of this ecosystem, the Environment Minister, Paula Coelho, who was also present at the event, spoke of Angola's accession to the convention on Wetlands.

It is a document that deals with issues related to the riverside communities, in which the environmental education programmes, mainly on the protection of species, stand out.