Angola to set up identity card production and control centre
15-06-2018 06:08:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2527 | Tags:

A National Identity Card Production and Control Center, with a daily capacity of 19,600 documents, will be built in the country's capital by March 2019. 

The launching ceremony was recently held in the country's capital, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Francisco Queiroz. The control center, which will also have monitoring mission linked to the other provinces of the country, will be built on the outskirts of Kilamba City.

The infrastructure will be built in a total space of 12,000 meters, under the responsibility of a Chinese contractor called "CEIEC". Already the main building will have an area of 3,727 square meters, 430 square meters for the production area and 300 square meters for the monitoring area.

For the construction of the infrastructure, the government will spend about $243 million.