[Angola] Industrial Park to create 120 jobs in Lunda Sul
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One hundred and twenty jobs will be created in the province of Lunda Sul, with the conclusion in December of the current year of an industrial park in the municipality of Saurimo.
The park, whose work began in July of this year, will include five vessels that will produce plastics, pulp, cement-glue and zinc sheets in the first phase.

Speaking on the sidelines of a visit by the governor of Lunda Sul, Daniel Neto, in order to learn about the degree of execution of the works, the representative of the group Samme, the company responsible for the project, Edson Sousa, said that the venture includes the creation of outlets for local merchants.

The second phase of the project, which starts in 2019, is expected to build 11 more naves for the production of other products, where 480 more direct jobs will be created, totaling a total of 600 jobs. the local population, especially those with vocational training.

He said that in total, about US $ 12 million will be invested, adding that the project aims to help valorize the products of the field, attracting the creation of micro and small service companies in the areas of agriculture and industry.

The park is being erected in the Luar neighborhood, in an area of 30 thousand hectares, and will include shops and advisory offices,

The governor of Lunda Sul, Daniel Neto, assured that the government will support the company with the supply of energy, with the installation of a photovoltaic power plant of 20 megawatts in the locality of Moonlight, scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

During the process of installing the plant, the park will run with generator sets.

Daniel Neto considered the implementation of said park as a courageous and encouraging act for investors who are still afraid to create companies in Lunda Sul, noting that the province has business opportunities that need to be well exploited and exploited.