[Angola] BPC announces lending to new companies
12-02-2019 08:04:58 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2141 | Tags:

The president of the Board of Directors of the Savings and Credit Bank (BPC), Alcides Safeca, has announced the granting of credits to potential entrepreneurs that guarantee a lower risk of default later this year .

Speaking at a meeting with local businessmen, the official said that the bank intends to adjust to the needs of the business class, which is why it will work to optimize operating costs, aiming to carry out its tasks smoothly, especially with regard to provision of "significant" credits.

It is recalled that the bank suspended the granting of credit for more than two years, due to the poor credit volume.

He added that by the end of the year, taking into account the restructuring and revitalization policies in place since 2016, the bank will be better organized and available to grant credits to entrepreneurs with a view to promoting economic robustness.

According to Alcides Safeca, in August 2018 the institution resumed the "BPC Salário" only for companies with which it has established a protocol and has been developing other operations, with a focus on foreign exchange, aimed at companies and individuals through the portfolios of credit.

The objective of the BPC Board of Directors meeting with businessmen from Malanje was to listen to the concerns of businessmen and to build trust with them, taking into account the new approach and form of relationship, aimed at improving credibility and trust with customers.

In the continuation of the day, the BPC delegation meets Tuesday (12) with the bank's Executive Committee in the province.

Created in 1991, BPC has branches in the 18 provinces of Angola and is the largest commercial bank in the country, with 444 service points.