[Angola] Biocom has produced half of the sugar consumed in 2018, data
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Fifty-one thousand, 785 tons of sugar were produced by the Bioenergy company (Biocom) in the 2018 harvest according to data released at the 34th Meeting of Working Group II of the Technical Committee of SADC Sugar, which takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

For the 2018 campaign, Biocom has also produced 11 thousand and 900 cubic meters of hydrated ethanol, which is forecast to be 20 thousand and 304 cubic meters of hydrated ethanol and 17 thousand and 617 MW of electric energy.

Biocom is part of the Angolan delegation that participates at the 34th Meeting of Working Group II of the SADC Sugar Technical Committee, which is taking place in Johannesburg , in South Africa.

According to Deputy General Manager of Biocom, Engineer Luís Bagorro Júnior, the purpose of the meeting is to confirm the statistical data of each country, mainly related to the production, import and export of sugar and ethanol.

The note explains that the Sugar Technical Committee is the body responsible for implementing the Southern African Development Community Sugar Agreement (SADC).

The agreement provides for cooperation in areas of common interest between SADC producing and non-producing sugar countries with the aim of developing efficient and competitive sugar industries in the region.

"At the moment we are looking to meet the demand of our domestic market, but we have the potential to export sugar produced in Angola in the future, thus contributing to the Government's goal of diversifying the country's exports," says the Director General Deputy Engineer Luís Bagorro Júnior.

Among the objectives of the SADC Sugar Cooperation Agreement is the facilitation of the sharing of information, research and training to improve the efficiency of sugar producers and refiners in SADC and to create stable market conditions that encourage the exchange and sugar industries in the region.