[Algeria] NXP delivers electronic driver licenses and vehicle registration smart cards to tame fraud
27-04-2017 14:26:35 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 9512 | Tags:

NXP Semiconductors N.V has announced that its partner HB Technologies, the leader in Algeria for secure solutions based on smartcard designs, chose NXP’s SmartMX2 microcontroller for the country’s new secure electronic driver license and vehicle registration smartcards.

This strategic collaboration will help Algeria prevent driver license and registration frauds and modernize its government system as public services will be digitized and become securely accessible for users and government administrations. The new smartcards are planned to roll out in 2017.

Algerian electronic smartcard benefits include a decrease in fraudulent and reckless drivers to prevent road accidents, efficient traffic checks and management of sanctions and penalties with a point system to track dangerous or careless drivers and secure authorization and access to information needed to enable efficiency in government administration processes and transactions

“We have more than 12 years of experience in the smartcard industry for eGovernment, banking, telecom and transport applications for Algeria and are delighted to team up with NXP to bring their globally-proven solution to enhance national security and bring more efficiency across Algeria’s government services and systems,” said Mr. Hamid Benyoucef, CEO at HB Technologies.  

“Many government organizations are looking for ways to improve and build positive engagement between public authorities and their citizens. By embedding SmartMX2 into electronic government managed smartcards, we are enabling access and authentication to become fluid, secure and effective to serve different government functions and services,” said Sébastien Clamagirand, senior director and general manager of secure identification solutions at NXP. “NXP’s SmartMX family is the core component in a variety of digital identity schemes that are deployed in close to 120 out of 145 countries implementing e-Government programs.”

SmartMX2 microcontroller features unique IntegralSecurity architecture to defend attacks and deters fraudsters. It offers Java Card Operating System (JCOP) and global platform compliant solutions to enable users to easily develop and load different applications on top.

Used already in many sovereign electronic documents, such as ePassports, citizen cards, national ID cards, driving licenses, social security cards and health cards, SmartMX-based services protect citizens from identity theft and reduce fraud via the products’ world-class security mechanisms.

SmartMX2 comes also with MIFARE implementation for convergence with other applications like transport ticketing, car sharing, bike rental, access management, and micropayment, being a true enabler to build interconnected smart city concepts for more citizen convenience.