Aidtrepreneurship grows small businesses in Africa
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A unique suite of support services is available to power the growth of micro and small enterprises in Africa. Aidtrepreneurship™ enables private companies, government agencies, organizations, and community groups build and strengthen small businesses and generate incomes.

"Developed countries got that way by enabling the private sector," says Donna Rosa, company founder. "We specialize in working only with entrepreneurs in and from developing nations." Business development services include analysis and problem diagnosis, advisory, business plan development, market research, opportunity identification, marketing, training, product development, organization development, mentoring, and capacity building.

Rosa coined the term "aidtrepreneurship" to describe assistance for entrepreneurs in the developing world. Her background is uniquely suited to this work: following an extensive corporate management career she now leverages her business expertise in international development. She has worked in 27 countries, including seven in Africa.

Business development services are available for national and local governments seeking to build robust small business sectors, companies that wish to transfer business training to small enterprises in their supply chains and communities and NGOs, organizations, and community groups wanting to provide business and management skills that aspiring entrepreneurs lack

"Many things must work together to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem," Rosa states. They include a business enabling environment, small business funding, technical assistance, and access to markets. But there's another factor that's rarely given any attention, she claims, and that is business skills and ongoing mentoring. "What good is all the other stuff if business owners don't know how to run a business?" she asks. Aidtrepreneurship fills that gap.

The company tailors solution specifically to client's needs in all price ranges. Services range from comprehensive in-country evaluations and training to remote entrepreneurial mentoring via the internet.

Offerings also include an exclusive online course, "Your Business Planned," a cost-effective tool that walks business owners through the process of developing their business plans. It comes complete with a plan template, worksheets, and instructions.

Donna Rosa is dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs. "Africa doesn't need more aid," she concludes. "It needs more aidtrepreneurship."