Afreximbank ready to assist Egyptian business women expand into rest of Africa
06-03-2018 06:32:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 4228 | Tags:

The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) can support Egyptian business women in expanding their trading activities into other African countries, participants in the Fourth Annual Multinational Conference of the Association of Business Women in Egypt were told.

Maureen Mba, Afreximbank’s Associate Director in Charge of Compliance, who represented the Bank at the conference held in Luxor, Egypt, said that such support could include penetrating suitable African markets for the export of their manufactured goods, provision of advisory services and trade information about Africa and African markets.

The Bank could also assist them with identifying sources of raw materials in order to facilitate intra-African trade and avoid going through non-African countries, she continued.

Ms. Mba, whose presentation dwelt on Afreximbank’s Strategic Plan5, Impact:2021, stated that the Bank also provide lines of credit to local banks for on-lending to their numerous clients including women entrepreneurs to support their business.

She explained that Impact2021 is hinged on four key pillars, namely industrialization, intra-African trade, sound financial performance, and trade finance.

Earlier, Dr. Saha Nasr, Egypt’s Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, who opened the Summit, welcomed participants urging Egyptian business women to wake up to the challenge.  Other speakers included Minister of Trade and Industry; Dr. Maya Morsy, President of the National Council for Women in Egypt; and Dr. Yomna El Sheridy, President of BWE21.

The conference, is an annual event that brings together business women from Egypt and beyond. The 2018 event attracted about 180 participants, including business women entrepreneurs from Lebanon, South Africa, Finland, Holland, Germany, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Algeria and Turkey.