Transformation of African trade is task for all African financial institutions - Afreximbank

10-29-2018 | 06:36:00
The transformation of trade in Africa is a task that all African financial institutions must collectively pursue as major stakeholders in the African Export-Import Bank in its quest to facilitate African trade.

[Malawi] African Development Bank approves $15m grant for water Supply and sanitation project

10-29-2018 | 06:30:00
The African Development Bank Group has approved a US$15 million grant from the African Development Fund for a water supply and sanitation project in Malawi, expected to provide jobs and boost the livelihoods of nearly 300,000 people.

[Nigeria] NPDC achieves 100% local content input in developing gas handling facility

10-29-2018 | 05:41:00
The Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, an Upstream Subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, has achieved a 100 per cent local content input in the development of Oredo Integrated Gas Handling Facility.

Amazon Web Services to open data centers in South Africa

10-29-2018 | 05:35:00
Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, has announced that it will open an infrastructure region in South Africa in the first half of 2020.

Telkom Kenya to send home 500 employees in restructuring exercise

10-29-2018 | 05:32:00
Telkom Kenya has announced plans to send home 500 employees as part of its workforce restructuring exercise.

Google Street View to heavily impact Kenya’s tourism sector

10-25-2018 | 17:51:00
Technology! A constant component that progressively weathers challenges of ecommerce evolution in every industry. Tourism is no exception and especially in Kenya, as stakeholders continually come up with innovative ideas and techniques meant to diversify tourism products. Google is the latest entry into boosting the sector, with the launch of the Google Street View in Nairobi.

Safaricom opens new retail outlet in Eldoret town

10-25-2018 | 13:52:00
Safaricom has today opened its new retail outlet in Eldoret town as part of its regional expansion strategy to reach customers in the regions.

[Tanzania] Bunyu graphite mining project receives license

10-25-2018 | 11:54:00
Australian mining company Volt Resources (ASX:VRC) has formally received mining licenses ML 591/2018 and ML 592/2018 from the Mining Commission of the Ministry of Minerals of Tanzania.

HFC extends access to HF Whizz digital banking platform with USSD, higher loan and transaction limits

10-25-2018 | 11:47:54
HFC, the banking subsidiary of HF Group has unveiled improved loan and transaction limits to its customers and extended access to include USSD via *618# to complement its HF Whizz App channel currently available on both Android Playstore and iOS Appstore.

[Malawi] Consistent support for Higher Education, Science and Technology

10-25-2018 | 11:21:00
Through the African Development Fund’s recent envelope of financial instruments, Malawi has received US$14 million for scholarships and infrastructure for its Higher Education, Science and Technology (HEST) program.

Money transfer firm Okapi Finance expanding to Nigeria, Botswana and DRC

10-25-2018 | 10:10:00
Remittance firm Okapi Finance has announced plans to expand in Botswana, Nigeria and The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by the end of 2018.

Safaricom marks its 18th anniversary, unveils new customer promotion

10-25-2018 | 09:53:00
Safaricom is this week marking its 18th anniversary since the official launch on October 23rd, 2000. As part of 18th-anniversary celebrations that began this week, the mobile operator today unveiled a new brand campaign targeted at reinforcing its commitment to customers.

Mastercard, Centenary Bank and M-KOPA Solar roll-out energy solution in Uganda

10-25-2018 | 09:37:25
Mastercard in partnership with M-KOPA Solar and Centenary Bank, celebrated the first ‘pay-as-you-go’ QR transaction this week, officially launching the initiative, which provides a simple and inexpensive way to power the homes and businesses of Ugandans.

[South Africa] Naspers announces new executive leadership for MultiChoice Group

10-25-2018 | 09:32:00
Naspers has announced the executive leadership team for the newly formed MultiChoice Group (formerly Naspers’ Video Entertainment business).

CR2 in talks with two banks in Egypt to provide e-payment services

10-25-2018 | 09:14:00
CR2, global banking software company, is negotiating with two banks operating in the Egyptian market to provide e-payment services, according to the company’s regional director Sherif Soliman.

Rising demand for social protection across Africa requires careful fiscal balancing, study

10-25-2018 | 08:22:00
After a prolonged period of economic stagnation and decline, African economies have experienced rapid growth over the last two decades. Poverty and malnutrition have fallen steadily during that period.

South Africa welcomes product exclusion for steel and aluminium

10-25-2018 | 07:23:00
The US Department of Commerce has granted product exemptions for imports of 161 aluminium and 36 steel products from the Section 232 duties that the United States imposed against foreign imports.

[Ghana] Asanko Gold launches women in mining empowerment initiative

10-24-2018 | 13:12:12
International mining company Asanko Gold Inc. has launched the Asanko Women in Mining “Botae Pa Initiative” at the Asanko Gold Mine, AGM, in Ghana, West Africa.

[South Africa] HashCash employs blockchain system to assist Cape Town monitor water use

10-24-2018 | 13:02:00
The severe drought that brought Cape Town - one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world into the headlines, served as a wake-up call to the growing water crisis afflicting major urban settlements around the world.

World Bank, Government of Kenya to Discuss Disability Inclusive Education in Africa

10-24-2018 | 12:39:49
The World Bank, in collaboration with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and UNICEF, have announced plans to conduct a Technical Learning Session on Inclusive Education in Nairobi, Kenya. The event is co-hosted by the Government of Kenya