2018 offers new opportunities for South Africans moving to Canada under the Quebec Investor Program
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Max Donzella, Director of the Quebec Investor Program at VIP Business Immigration and Ex Ad Hoc Advisor to the Minister of Immigration of Canada until 2015, reports interesting changes coming in 2018. "The program has drawn much attention from potential South African investors for whom life in Canada offers a plethora of exciting opportunities for them and their families.  With so much freedom, this program is the best option for investors to be guaranteed successful integration into a whole new life and is often the only chance they have to move to Canada or any other High Quality of Life country."

Canada has reported a surge of South African investors moving to Canada as Quebec Selected Investors  since the beginning of the new foreign investment strategy lead by VIP Business Immigration. Under the Quebec Investor Program, South Africans have been provided the unique opportunity of Canadian immigration as wealthy investors, and ultimately free of most pesky restrictions applied to other potential immigration candidates.

Basically, if you are a High Net Worth South African business owner or work in a Management position as a paid employee and you have a high Net Worth, then you could even move to Canada at the age of 60, 70 ... well there is no age limit under this exclusive program. But only 570 applicants (families) are allowed per year. Yes, thats 570 for the planet and South Africans can only get a few spots.

Canada recently welcomed its highest level of immigrants in a century - a testament to the improved government policies in lieu of favorable immigration conditions. Talk is cheap, but it seems the Quebec Investor Program is proving its value through a thriving local economy and the successful integration of more than 200 South African immigrant investors in recent years, of which most were successfully represented by VIP Business Immigration and its partners.  "The demand for a place in the program is expected to increase as net worth requirements adjust to 2.0M CAD (approximately 18.0M ZAR) for 2018-19."  A major drawcard of the program also remains the aging factor, as potential investors consider making lifestyle changes, even in their golden years: yes you can be 65 and still move to Canada as a passive investor.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is the only Canadian Business Immigration Program without these common restrictions: age, diplomas, and language tests.  It also enables selected immigrant investors to start, buy or manage a business in Canada on the handy Passive Canada Investor Visa, or just simply retire and enjoy the rest of your life in security.  "An investor's role in boosting the economy benefits everyone, and Canada values its immigrants by allowing them the financial freedom to build a wonderful new life and deal with business requirements efficiently as needed." A Canadian Citizenship by Investment Visa allows immigrant investors to sell existing companies before moving to Canada, for example, maximizing potential profits as they sell at the desired rate and have many years to plan a proper exit from South Africa.

Canada offers a rich cultural heritage and a history of respected cultural integration. The success of the nation as a whole is largely ascribed to an appreciation for diversity, much like the new South Africa hopes to attain. Quebec, in particular, is an excellent example of how different people from different countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities are able to unite and blossom. "The diverse talents each person brings to the mix is why we succeed."  Even Canada's governing authorities agree. Political players exemplify this spirit of unity in diversity, with ministers of African, Indian, French, and Irish and Native American heritage. It is a beautiful collection of people from all walks of life who now call Quebec and Canada home.

Aside from its cosmopolitan talent pool, Canada's natural wonders and architectural beauty, too, have sparked a booming tourism industry and garnered admirers from across the globe.  It is an extension of Canada's charm which attracts outsiders, welcoming them to a nation of prosperous, happy people.  "As a destination, Canada is stunning, but as a home, it is incomparable (even against its stately neighbor whose prior popularity is fast waning)."  Canada certainly appears to outshine its peers as a land of freedom and opportunity.